I just finished this book called Mockingjay, and I can’t seem to shake it from my head.

It’s the last book in a three-part series about this girl named Katniss. She lives in a dystopian future (is there any other kind?) and is witness to endless death and tragedy brought on by the Capitol. She’s also completely insane and nearly catatonic with depression by the end. And she’s my age.

I can’t say Katniss gets better. No one really “gets better” in the Hunger Games trilogy. They just sort of keep on living. And that’s the best they can hope for.

Maybe I found Mockingjay so unsettling because the ending was really just “the best they can hope for”. I keep having to remind myself that the characters in this book had to face appalling squalor, the deaths of numerous loved ones, and war. But the inspiration behind fictional characters has to come from somewhere. And does anyone truly get better after experiencing those things? We might feel like we do, but there’s no arguing that tragedy changes us all. Some say for good. It’s far more challenging to return to who you used to be, than to live as who you have become. Personally, I don’t think it’s even possible to revert to a former self. Because we’re not machines who can simply back up who we are.

I have to admit. I find it very bleak to think about broken people continuing to live as is. But I suppose the fact that we continue to live is a victory on its own.

Or maybe I’m just reading too much into this “children’s novel”. Honestly, I haven’t even figured out whether or not I enjoyed it. Although something tells me that this isn’t one of those books I’m supposed to enjoy. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t read it. Just read it at your own discretion.

But if you do read it, please tell me I’m not crazy to think all this about such young adult fodder.



This is a passage taken from THE PRIORITY BOXES PROJECT website:


__  __  __

"The Priority Boxes" A global art series.

What would you do if you suddenly received a box via mail, labeled “FRAGILE: Contains Peace”? How would you use it? Would you give it to someone else? Would you sell it?  Would you just throw it away?

Such a box is exactly what painter Franck de Las Mercedes has been sending since May of 2006 to anyone who asks him, anywhere in the world, for free.

"The Priority Boxes" project is a public art series that seeks to provoke thought, to make people reconsider their ability to influence change, communicate through art and make art accessible to people from all walks of life.

Each box is the canvas for a unique abstract painting and is dedicated with a “Fragile:" message. The project which started as an initiative to promote peace quickly evolved in to art movement with boxes containing a wide spectrum of emotions and abstract attributes such as Freedom, Love and Justice.

By using a box format painted on the outside, sent by mail, Franck aims to have people interact with a work of art, from the person requesting one, to the very first change of hands at the post office, all the way to its receiver. By holding and observing one, the recipient can consider what the box suggests it contains, realize the fragility of what they are holding, and in that relation become aware or activate their ability to take action and influence change. The boxes must be free, in order to reinforce and remind us that things like peace and hope are not only free but also a priority.

__  __  __


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Photoshop Day 1

I call it, “My Photoshop Class is Incredibly Pointless and This is How I Spent Those Two-and-a-Half Hours”.


On any given naval aircraft carrier on any given day, the plumes from a jet engine can melt the skin off your bones.Those thousand-degree emissions create near-intolerable conditions on the operation deck, where one hundred and forty degrees of unrelenting heat is no anomaly.

If one were to clear away the planes, lift said naval aircraft carrier from the sea, and place it neatly in the southwestern United States, then it might become a sort of Death Valley II.

That’s if this place right here didn’t already hold that title.

The Texas heat is something I will never get used to. It’s there to constantly remind me that I need to get out of this oven before it bakes me alive.

But today, things aren’t so terrible. A year from now I’ll be someplace new and, hopefully, far more enjoyable. Then again, there’s already much to enjoy, now that a cool breeze has brought some relief to this fevered weather.

Any day without H8 is a good day.

Anson: “How come you didn’t buy me any curly fries?”

Me: “When I have money and free time, I’ll buy you some.”

Anson: “But I’ve got like fifty dollars!”

Me: “Well, you can’t spend it all on curly fries!”

Anson: “Damn.”

I’ve decided what my (hopefully first) challenge will be:

Write letters to 10 people. 5 random people, 5 close friends. actually write them though, don’t type them, and decorate them then send them in the mail.

– Courtesy of Faith

Now, where can I get my hands on a couple of owls?